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Glorious... - Digital Audio


Glorious is a teaching series that was taught through the life of Hillsong Church; inspirational to Hillsong Live’s latest album, Glorious Ruins. It’s a vivid image that aims to capture the imagination and stir the soul.

Within these audio messages, Pastor Brian and Bobbie Houston show us that at its core, the Christian faith is incredibly glorious. With passion, humour and conviction, they share how the redemptive message of Jesus and the invitation to become a part of God’s Church and His unfolding salvation-story is a beautiful privilege; full of hope and glory.

Whether you’re a new or long-time believer, or simply want to be inspired again in your faith, this series is for you.

Messages included:

- A Glorious Obsession
- A Glorious Redemption
- A Glorious Invitation
- A Glorious  Responsibility
- A Glorious Beginning & End
- A Glorious Ruins

Format: MP3 Download