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Songs Of Heaven Second Edition - Amanda Fergusson

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Over many years, Amanda has cast her heart and mind into the negative space behind and in-between every word you see printed on our Hillsong lyric sheets. Often helping our writers see things they haven’t seen, understand complexities of thought and emotional conflicts of poetry and theology, and pushing many a song from ok, to something richer. There are few I could imagine more qualified to write, as beautifully as she does, on behalf of these songs amongst the wealth of songs past, present and future, with particular intention given the highest call for any song—to give our theology a voice, and our soul something to sing to the God it belongs to.


Amanda Fergusson and her husband Robert are both inspiring and insightful teachers at Hillsong Church. In this book, Amanda speaks of the importance and responsibility given to those with the gift of songwriting. It is full of practical and theological revelation that will ensure that our worship is genuine, relatable and truly brings heaven to earth.

Format: Paperback

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