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STEKO Starter Pack (Hardcover)


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STEKO is a well-being programme for children aged 8-12. It is designed to be presented in nine, 60 minute sessions. Children explore three phenomenal truths: that each one of them is UNIQUE, CAPABLE and GIFTED. These concepts have been chosen to develop the individual child and their sense of belonging in community. The recommended STEKO programme group size is 8-10 participants. To implement the STEKO programme a Lead Facilitator requires both the STEKO Facilitator Handbook and STEKO Resource Pack.


1x STEKO Facilitator Handbook (Hardcover)

The STEKO Facilitator Handbook outlines the content and teaching process for the implementation of the STEKO programme.  It contains detailed information about how each session is to be run while still allowing for flexible delivery to cater for venue type, availability of resources and various programme group sizes. The STEKO Facilitator Handbook includes the following information.

  • An introduction to the STEKO programme (including aims & outcomes; group structure; team roles; session plans and information about outworking a session).
  • Session layout and material summaries.
  • Facilitator information for each foundational concept and session.
  • Facilitator notes that outline important information about the session and answer common questions.
  • Room set up ideas, and
  • Detailed information about each group activity and discussion; facilitator demonstration and individual learning activity.

2x STEKO Resource Pack (Softcover)

The STEKO Resource Pack book accompanies the STEKO Facilitator Handbook (Hardcover). Each STEKO Resource Pack contains worksheets for ten participants. It also includes items for:

  • Room set-up e.g. posters.
  • Facilitators to use during demonstrations and group activities e.g. scenario cards, and
  • Participants to use during activities e.g. role-play scripts.

The STEKO Resource Pack has cutting lines for each resource item. The items for each session need to be cut-out of the book before commencing a session. STEKO Resource Pack books can also be purchased separately to cater for additional participants or new STEKO programme groups.


Product Information

  • Includes: 1x STEKO Facilitator Handbook (Hardcover) & 2x STEKO Resource Pack (Softcover)
  • Language: English (Australian)
  • Dimension:
    • Facilitator Handbook: 216mm x 280mm (8.5" x 11") (US Letter Size)
    • Resource Pack: 210mm x 297mm (8.27" x 11.69") (A4)
  • Author: Hillsong CityCare
  • Publisher: Hillsong Music Australia
  • Page Count:
    • Facilitator Handbook: 128 pages
    • Resource Pack: 236 pages